ETL means Extract Transform Load. ELT means Extract Load Transform. You might ask, what is the difference? The difference is in the Transform part. By leaving that to the end of the process this contributes significantly towards decoupling as you can leave the transformation of data to the end-user consuming the data.

Speedreading tips


Below we have listed some generic tips you can easily apply to start reading books faster. Speedreading is getting more important to be able to absorb more knowledge in a shorter period of time. 1) Intent of reading the book. Why am I reading the book. 2) Eliminate distractions when reading. Turn it off. 3) …

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How to update a Docker container

Updating a docker container that is already running is relatively easy but still very important to make sure you use the latest version of packages. Prior to updating your Docker container it is important to set the correct volumes for your container so that the persistent data of that container application is not removed. Persistent …

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Data related Architectural Principles

In this article I would like to present some general architectural principles that can be applied to increase the value of using data within an organization. One of the most important challenges is making available, finding and using data within an organization. Especially in the current trend of Big Data. Big data means that the …

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Infrastructure as Code: Ansible vs Vagrant vs Terraform

Infrastructure as code provides the ability to provision infrastructure automatically via configuration files. Multiple solutions exist to automatically provision infrastructure. The most well-known tools are explained (including examples) in this article. These are Vagrant, Ansible and Terraform. The primary advantage of infrastructure as code is the speed of provisioning new infrastructure on the fly. The …

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